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Martı Turkish Waters

Istanbul Strait, is more like a twisting river than an international waterway. With a length of 17 nm, it offers the only connection between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea . The depth of the Bosphorus, as it is also commonly referred to, is ranging from 30m to 110m. The width ranges from 3,600 m at the northern entrance versus 3,220m at southern netrance, but in between it narrows down to a mere 698 m. The Strait cuts through the heart of Istanbul and its shore line is embroidered with sharp turns of up to 80 degrees which the ships have to take while blinded to oncoming.

Canakkale Strait, on the other hand, is the connecting seaway between the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea. Also known as the Dardanelles , it has a depth ranging from 50m upto 80 m. At the narrowest point , the width of Canakkele Strait is 1,200 m , reaching some 3,600m at the southern entrance.

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