Martı Agency


Tramp Agency

MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. benefits not only from having own offices at the main ports but as well from its well trained and experienced staff at Istanbul head-office wherefrom entire agency operations at all Turkish ports are conducted. Those two facts have to be underlined as the impetus

leading to the success of having established the very harmonious ties with local, official authorities and major import/export companies of the country as well as major trade-houses operating worldwide.

The tramp agency operations cover a wide scale of commodity types ranging from grain products to vegoils , from petroleum products to LPG , from cement to coal and all sorts of metals and alloys ..

In 2015 only , we manifested close to 110,000 mt grain and vegetable oils, 155,00 mt lpg, 750,000mt petroleum products, ???mt ??? and ???mt ???.