Martı Agency


Liner Agency

MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. is one of the few most experienced liner agencies in our country. We have been running a break-bulk liner service between Northern Europea(mainly Continent) and Eastern Mediterranean ports including Turkey and Greece in joint venture with Empros Lines Shipping Co. Sp. SA of Greece since 1998. This liner service is performed by vessels owned by Empros and/or chartered-in tonnage. The Turkish end clientele of this line consists of major iron and steel products producers/buyers of the country. The efficient and trust-worthy service line provided, has significantly helped in developing a portfolio of businesses that has lead us deliver innovative shipping services to global customers.

Every single liner operation at any Turkish port is always supervised by at least one port captain from our Istanbul head-office. Our port captains as well as our strong team of liner operators are are all experienced in the handling of cargo of all types, shapes and sizes. This know-how enables us to offer a comprehensive liner agency service which includes providing also sales and marketing functions through our network.

Our liner agency operations had varied from ??????????????? to ?????????????? and all kinds of general cargo. Again in 2011 only, we manifested close to ???????mt ????, ??????mt ????, ???????mt ???, ??mt ???, ???mt ???