Martı Agency


Port Agency

MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. extends tailor made agency services at all Turkish ports to our clients, to their vessels, to their cargoes and our aim is to ensure that we represent our principals in the best way possible by adapting our service to the individual needs of each customer.

Our shipping agency commitment is supported with our attendance policies for fast and accurate handling of all details for ships that engage MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. - expediting ship arrivals and departures, loading and unloading, and all ship operations in port.

Being at the heart of the shipping industry since 1980, we have over the years inherited a unique experience in all Turkish Customs, Immigration, Coast Guard and other government regulations that affect ships, crews, and cargoes. Our staff benefit from the experience itself to adapt quickly to new regulations, procedures, requirements of today’s shipping world.

MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. extends agency services at all Turkish Ports to:

  • container vessels / cargoes
  • liner vessels / cargoes
  • tramp vessels / cargoes
  • vessels calling at Turkish shipyards
  • and/or to vessels in requirement of any husbandry services

Contact us for a complete guideline and expenses for your ship’s call at any Turkish port.