Martı Agency


Martı Container - Protecting Agency
Protecting Agency
In addition to operational tasks, job description of MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S. A does as well include any husbandry service that may be required for the ship or the crew ay any Turkish port or during voyage through the Turkish Straits
Martı Container - Container Agency
Container Agency
ADMIRAL CONTAINER LINES INC., On the direct / express line between Turkish, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean ports, THE SHIPPING CORPORATION OF INDIA (INDIA) MARTI CONTAINER SERVICES Inc. Cooperative and cooperative services
Martı Container - Liner Agency
Liner Agency
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. is one of the few most experienced liner agencies in our country. We have been running a break-bulk liner service between Northern Europea(mainly Continent) and Eastern Mediterranean ports including Turkey and Greece in
Martı Container - Tramp Agency
Tramp Agency
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. benefits not only from having own offices at the main ports but as well from its well trained and experienced staff at Istanbul head-office wherefrom entire agency operations at all Turkish ports are conducted
Martı Container - Port Agency
Port Agency
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. extends tailor made agency services at all Turkish ports to our clients, to their vessels, to their cargoes and our aim is to ensure that we represent our principals in the best way possible by adapting our service
Martı Container - Transit Agency Services
Transit Agency Services
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. services rendered to ships passing the Turkish Straits involve all operational, official, financial, legal attendance on behalf of the ship and the owner for their vessels to transit the Turkish Straits