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It offers solution focused agency services with the experience and experience that the services that can be requested from a ship agency can vary beyond estimates.
Martı Transit Acentalık HizmetleriTRANSIT AGENCY SERVICES
Martı Liman Acentalık HizmetleriPORT AGENCY
Martı Tramp Acentalık HizmetleriTRAMP AGENCY
Martı Hat (Liner) Acentalık HizmetleriLINER AGENCY
Martı Konteynır Acentalık HizmetleriCONTAINER AGENCY
Martı Koruyucu Acentalık HizmetleriPROTECTING AGENCY
Martı Agency
Martı Transit Acentelik Hizmetleri

MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. services rendered to ships passing the Turkish Straits involve all operational, official, financial, legal attendance on behalf of the ship and the owner for their vessels to transit the Turkish Straits. 

  • Our local knowledge of regulations
  • our vast experience of Straits’ agency handling ranging from LPG carriers to petroleum rigs
  • our daily follow up of traffic and prospects at the Straits
are all put together to provide the most efficient and comprehensive service as well as prompt and accurate reporting , saving our principals precious time and money.
Martı Agency
Martı Liman Acentalık Hizmetleri
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. extends tailor made agency services at all Turkish ports to our clients, to their vessels, to their cargoes and our aim is to ensure that we represent our principals in the best way possible by adapting our service to the individual needs of each customer.

Our shipping agency commitment is supported with our attendance policies for fast and accurate handling of all details for ships that engage MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. - expediting ship arrivals and departures, loading and unloading, and all ship operations in port.
Martı Agency
Martı Tramp Acentalık Hizmetleri
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. benefits not only from having own offices at the main ports but as well from its well trained and experienced staff at Istanbul head-office wherefrom entire agency operations at all Turkish ports are conducted. Those two facts have to be underlined as the impetus

leading to the success of having established the very harmonious ties with local, official authorities and major import/export companies of the country as well as major trade-houses operating worldwide.
Martı Agency
Martı Hat Acentalık Hizmetleri
MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S.A. is one of the few most experienced liner agencies in our country. We have been running a break-bulk liner service between Northern Europea(mainly Continent) and Eastern Mediterranean ports including Turkey and Greece in joint venture with Empros Lines Shipping Co. Sp. SA of Greece since 1998. This liner service is performed by vessels owned by Empros and/or chartered-in tonnage. The Turkish end clientele of this line consists of major iron and steel products producers/buyers of the country. The efficient and trust-worthy service line provided, has significantly helped in developing a portfolio of businesses that has lead us deliver innovative shipping services to global customers.
Martı Agency
Martı Konteyner Acentalık Hizmetleri
ADMIRAL CONTAINER LINES INC., On the direct / express line between Turkish, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean ports, THE SHIPPING CORPORATION OF INDIA (INDIA) MARTI CONTAINER SERVICES Inc. Cooperative and cooperative services. MARTI CONTAINER SERVICES Inc. Sales, marketing and all other container-oriented services, MARTI GEMİ AGENTALIĞI A.Ş. With its experienced team, carries out all operations related to port seaports. In 2011, the container load handled at Turkish ports totaled 62,000 TEU. For detailed and up-to-date information and fees, please contact MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S. A Please contact with.
Martı Agency
Martı Koruyucu Acentalık Hizmetleri
In addition to operational tasks, job description of MARTI SHIPPING AGENCY S. A does as well include any husbandry service that may be required for the ship or the crew ay any Turkish port or during voyage through the Turkish Straits.

The ultimate objective is to actualize smoothest turn-around for ships while coordinating the requested husbandry services , ensuring each penny and every second is saved.
For complete and updated guideline and expenses, please contact MARTI.

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